Timber Sales

To Forest Land Management, Inc. selling timber is not just about the sale. We are whole-of-life forester professionals, and that means selling timber is just one stage of the bigger picture. In other words, our primary goal is not about short-term profits but more about long term relationships with the landowners.

We use all the typical methods of assessment and evaluation of timber for sale, and we advise our clients in terms of timing and price for selling timber, and also marketing to reputable buyers. When you are ready, we are here to help you - contact us

Why have FLM Sell Your Timber?

  • We are focused on your goals
  • We will tell you in simple English what you have and how much it’s worth
  • We will tell you the options you have and let you decide what is best for you
  • We will contact all reputable buyers in your area
  • We are on your side when it comes to selling your timber not the buyers
  • We will be your eyes and ears in the harvesting process
  • We will make sure the buyers respect the way you want things done