Forest Management

We take a long term view to forest management and our timber management plans are designed to help you understand how your land is performing and what must be done in order to maintain the long term value of your forest and timberland asset. Our other focus is customer service - so planning and management documents differ according to the needs and ultimate goals of individual landowners. Read more


At Forest Land Management, Inc. we are able to provide you with formal appraisals and as well as a number of forest management services and consulting, which will provide you with the required information to make the best decision moving forward. Read more


Annual Inspections

When it comes to managing large scale assets such as forests and timberland properties, preventative management is always more economical than the cure. At Forest Land Management, Inc. we provide landowners with a yearly inspection program that include onsite inspections for trespass, erosion, theft, fire hazards, insect infestations, and the monitoring of timber growth. For more info - contact us

Timber Sales

Selling, maintaining and appraising your timber go hand in hand – since it is all about managing a significant asset and realizing its value. Whether it is selling your timber in a sustained logging model or for clearing and sale of the property, we will be able to assist you by leveraging our many years of experience in the industry to provide you with the best possible return on your investment. Read more


A sensible and prudent way of achieving timberland sustainability is through reforestation, where both the value of the asset is maintained and as well as continuously achieving a return on investment for the landowners. Read more


Insects & Diseases

In the natural life cycle of a large timberland property, target insects and diseases can in a relatively brief period, not only devastate your tree stocks but may also affect the local ecology that the affected trees help to sustain. As a result, untreated cases of insects and diseases can ultimately affect your landholding investment. Contact us


Hunting Leases

More and more landowners are looking to hunting leases as an additional revenue stream derived from their timberland properties. In the least, this income can offset property taxes and often there are also indirect benefits as well where leaseholders, such as hunters and recreational weekenders, can keep unwanted activities and trespassers off your property. Read more

Wildlife & Recreational Management

A comprehensive wildlife and recreational management plan takes into account a number of things, including the herd size of the target species, habitat, and the property’s biomass capacity. Assistance in this area becomes more critical when it is realized that the flora and fauna play an integral part of the property's value. In other words, value may not be embedded in the land alone but also what is on it. Read more

GIS/Mapping Services

Good decisions are made from accurate and reliable data. When it comes to our clients and their forest and timberland management advice, we don’t take any chances, and that is why we use both Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Read more


Prescribed Burning

For absentee landowners, prescribed burning and maintaining firebreaks bears special significance since accumulating debris, over several hot summers can become an incendiary hazard and undesirable competing species can overtake more desirable and valuable tree stocks. For more info - contact us

Fire Break Construction & Maintenance

Fire breaks, when properly designed and maintained, will protect adjoining properties and those sections of your property not designated for burning. When properly constructed and maintained, fire breaks can even reduce future fire breaks from having to be constructed prior to other maintenance activities, such as prescribed burning. For more info - contact us

Road Construction

For a variety reasons, having road access to all parts of your forest and timberland property is essential. A well designed and constructed road, that is properly maintained, should enable all-terrain vehicle access all year round and under most weather conditions. For more info - contact us

Boundary Lines

Boundary line maintenance can have tremendous benefits. When boundary lines are non-existent or neglected this increases the chances of boundary disputes, trespass, and encroachment. It may even encourage such activities by virtue of its absence. When landowners take proactive steps to properly mark boundary lines with identifiable paint and signage, this will go a long way to minimizing these issues. For more info - contact us

Real Estate

Since 2000, Forest Land Management, Inc. has offered real estate brokering services for both vendors and purchasers. Go to Listings page